Destiny Expert

You think you have what it takes to be a destiny expert player? Sign up now and start carrying players to the next level! Prove your gaming expertise to us and become part of our elite team of Master Carries. Here at Destiny Carries & LFG, we’re always on the lookout for talented and trustworthy players to join our crew.

How do you start?

It’s pretty easy! Just sign up and send us your request. Choose which activity you want to be an expert on and apply for that category. Or if you consider yourself an expert on every category of the game, then you can choose to be an expert on all the activities of this game.

Are there any perks of being an expert player?

Of course, there are! Prove yourself, rank higher, complete more activities and you’ll get yourself an expert’s badge! Now, how can you achieve that? Well, that’s up to you and your skills as an expert player. The more you impress, the more you progress.

Expert Professional Conduct

The expert must adhere to Professional Conduct at all times.

Join us now! Sign up here at Destiny Carries & LFG and start earning by playing!

Check our help page for more information about experts.

Earn Reward Badges for Completing Activities as an Expert.

Reward after 10 Carrie Completions
Reward after 10 Carrie
Reward after 50 Carrie
Reward after 75 Carries
Reward after 100 Carries
Reward for 200 Carries
Reward for 500 Carries
Reward for 1000 Carries