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    Destiny 2 – Scourge of the Past Raid Guide 

    Destiny 2 Scourge of the Past Raid

    Botza Downtown and the Sewers

     Just in time for the winter holiday season, Bungie has released a new raid to tide us over until the new year arrives.

    Early reviews of the Scourge of the Past raid say it is a lot of action-packed fun but not nearly as long or difficult as Last Wish. Teamwork is really important here so be sure you have a squad that you know you trust.

    Here’s a guide on how to beat the rooftop battle in Botza Downtown.

    When you start the raid, you are located in the downtown area and your goal is to move quickly to four landmarks and the generators that lie just underneath them.

    The first place to locate is the Schnell building. It has a huge neon sign on it that says its name which makes it nearly impossible to ignore. This is East Star in this raid. At the southern portion of the map is an area alight with neon green, an area that Polygon is calling “Billboards.”

    Directly across from the Schnell building is a circular building that lies at the western side of the map. It looks like a Temple so some people are calling it that for quick reference.

    Across from the Billboards portion of the map is an area with a radio tower in the sky and it exists at the most northern side of the map.

    The Battle Begins

    Move into the arena until you reach the center building. Go along the rooftops until you come upon a small generator. Be careful, there is an invisible enemy nearby, a Berserker to be exact, and it is immune to damage until you get within melee range.

    There are several Berserkers in this raid so be careful.

    As you get close to the Berserker, it will put up a slowing field and start to hit you with powerful sniper shots.

    You will notice two glowing places on its chest and back. Disabling these simultaneously will cause the shield to fall and the Berserker then takes regular damage. Once you finish off the Berserker it will drop a battery that you will need to use to power the generator. The player that puts the battery in the generator. 

    Whoever carries the battery should probably be a good communicator as well as they will be the group’s Reader for the map. 

    Taking Down the Barrier

    It’s probably a good idea to leave someone behind to take care of the Reader (a player with low Light for example).

    Take the other members of the group with you down the rooftops. The Reader will need to tell the group where the big red dot is on the map. Don’t confuse this with the smaller dots floating around as they aren’t that important at this point.

    This is the location for the other Berserker and have your group kill him and retrieve the two batteries he drops.

    Have a player pick up the battery and then inform the Reader that you have the battery. This battery will correspond to one of the generators in the four locations we mentioned above. These areas are Billboards, Schnell, the Temple area, Radio or the map generator where the Reader is. 

    The battery runner needs to move quickly – jumping or melee attacks – when they get the go ahead and are told to which generator he needs to take his battery. Others should guard the battery runner and be prepped to deal with the Servitors that lie ahead. Do it quickly because the battery will explode if you’re slow.

    Repeat this process with the Reader identifying where the Berserker is and retrieve the batteries accordingly. You will need to switch off on who carries each battery as the player that just carried a battery will be “ionized” and unable to carry another one. 

    Once you’ve put batteries in all four generators you will have finished with the first part of the raid. That wasn’t so bad, was it? The first part of Scourge of the Past deals mainly with team coordination while the next two grapple with navigation and combat.

    The next part of the raid takes place in the city’s sewer system so be prepared!

    Entering the Sewers

    Depending on where the last fight takes place above ground you will be dropped into a different location in the sewers. Don’t worry – it’s more of an obstacle course than anything else.

    Because of the variance in where you could end up in the sewers, you might want to make a note of where you are when you finish the last generator. If you drop down from the radio location, for example, you will encounter a path that is more twisted and windy than the other three which are all pretty much straight shots to the exit.

    A Reddit user has made a handy map that you can view here:
    Scourge of the past raid guide maze map.
    Thanks to Reddit User u/MrEezeh Reddit Post
    The map is labelled according to the four locations we’ve provided above with the change of Temple to Kremlin. Some people think that structure resembles a religious building, others think it looks like a government building. Whatever label you use, just make sure it makes sense to your fellow teammates.

    Once you make it to the exit you will then fall down into the lower sewers. Players should stick together from this point until they reach the room at the end of the lower sewers. When you reach the last room there will be two doors – an entry and an exit. You and a teammate will need to activate the two consoles. 

    You will then need to ride away until you reach another room similar to the one you just left. You and a teammate will again need to activate the consoles to trap the flaming Servitor behind a gate. Climb up the pipes and exit right, Go to the left in the tunnel and you will then encounter the raid boss.

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