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Playing Destiny 2 campaign solo is possible; however, it isn’t nearly as fun as playing it with other people. But, if you want to play Raids, Nightfall, Escalation, and other parts of the game that require teaming up with other people, then you’ll definitely need other players on your team. If that’s the case, Destiny Carries & LFG is the right place for you to come looking for other players.

Although Strikes automatically pair you with random players, that is not the case for the whole game. But, just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you can’t play the whole game. Join us, make friends with other people here, and start going on raids.

Why do you need to play these group missions in the first place?

Completing the main missions isn’t nearly the end. There are still Adventures which are side quests that you can complete if you want to get better loot. Then there are scheduled monthly activities such as Challenges, Call to Arms, Flashpoint, and Iron Banner. So, if you really want to get the best items, you’ll need to tough it out with other players.

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