Destiny 2 Gambit Carries



Destiny 2 Gambit Game Carries

Destiny 2 Gambit competitive mode comprises of two teams of four players per side that compete against one another while also taking on Player vs Environment enemies.

Here’s how it works. Each team will be in their own arena, with the task of taking down waves of enemies and collect motes bank their motes to building up a supply of motes. By banking these modes, you can send a ‘blocker’ to the other team’s arena – a powerful enemy that will stop the other team drop banking their own motes until it’s defeated.

When enough motes have been banked, a powerful enemy will show up on your side named a Primeval. Once defeated, the round is over. As well as this, there’s also the chance for a player to invade another team’s arena at certain points, for some direct player-versus-player action.

Destiny 2 Gambit Ranking System

Level Rank Points required for Rank: Points to next Rank:
0 Guardian I 0 250
1 Guardian II 250 350
2 Guardian III 600 400
3 Brave I 1000 450
4 Brave II 1450 500
5 Brave III 1950 550
6 Heroic I 2500 600
7 Heroic II 3100 650
8 Heroic III 3750 750
9 Fabled I 4500 850
10 Fabled II 5350 1000
11 Fabled III 6350 1150
12 Mythic I 7500 1300
13 Mythic II 8800 1500
14 Mythic III 10300 1700
15 Legend 12000 3000
Max 15000
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