Luna's Howl Destiny 2 Pinnacle Crucible Hand Cannon

How to Get the Luna’s Howl Hand Cannon, Destiny 2 [Read more]

Arbalest Exotic Kinetic Linear Fusion Rifle

The Arbalest Destiny 2 new powerful Exotic Kinetic Linear Fusion Rifle that should perfect match for players looking to... [Read more]

Destiny 2 Improves Quality of Life

Destiny will Double even Triple the RNG Rate of may items in the game. Bungie will finally improve the... [Read more]

Gambit Prime Destiny 2

Gambit Prime Destiny 2

March 04, 2019

It’s a one round go all out shootout. The goal is the same. Be the first to kill the... [Read more]

Oxygen SR3 Pinnacle Scout Rifle

Oxygen SR3 Pinnacle Legendary Scout Rifle is a Vanguard pinnacle weapon, and it looks to be an Omolon scout... [Read more]